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The costume in action!     Polyurethane cast of a Supergirl chest plate.     Another angle on the chest plate     Polyurethane cast of a Supergirl Belt     Close-up of buckle     All the parts are sewn up and ready to go!

Supergirl Costume

This past weekend, March 13-15, 2015, the Dallas Bonsai Society finally had another annual show.  I say finally because it’s been two years since the last one.  Which makes it the first bonsai show I’ve ever attended.  The Dallas club used to have the annual show at the local botanical […]

Dallas Bonsai Society Annual Show 2015

The Vineyard
Hello all!  This will be my first ever Bonsai blog-type post.  I was just going to post pretty… eh, sorta pretty… pictures on Imgur and post a link, but I figured if I have a website, I might as well use it, right?  So here we are.  I will be […]

Victoria Grapevine Dig

A model standing next to a just-finished life cast of herself we assisted in making. This complete dummy body was used in place of a live stunt double for Kate Beckinsale during an especially dangerous film scene.

Stunt Dummy

This is the sculpt of a steampunk Edgar Allen Poe. The sculpt was molded and cast into a mask that was worn by an actor during the filming of The Mechanical Grave, a steampunk horror short film. Click here for a teaser!

Steampunk Poe Sculpt

This is the sculpt for a Wonder Woman bracer. This is a sculpt once, cast twice situation that ensures the left and right bracers will match exactly. The bracer is one part of a complete Wonder Woman costume that was commissioned by a fan.

Wonder Woman Bracer Sculpt

This is a cast of our Wonder Woman chest piece after it has been affixed to a bustier. This is one part of a complete Wonder Woman costume we were commissioned to make by a fan.

Wonder Woman Top

This is a resin statue we cast up from an existing complex mold. The statue now currently resides in Austria at the Schwarzenegger museum.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Cast